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How can I change my logo?

To change your logo, just click on the Change logo section in the settings menu.

Will you provide frequent updates to the app ?

Our app will be frequently updated to make sure that you will always have the latest available content.

What is a dynamic category?

A dynamic category allows you to trade your traditional static category background thumbnail for a dynamic slideshow.

Can we prioritise files?

Definitely. You can sort and prioritise all your files through the manager interface.

Are the files available offline?

To make sure that your salesteam can access their files everywhere and anywhere, all synchronised devices can be used offline. However, an internet connection is needed to access the manager interface.

How can I add my team members ?

You can add your teammates from the online manager by clicking on the Userlist section in the settings menu.

What types of files can I upload?

Here is a list of file formats supported by Icepad: PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF and MP4. More formats are on the way!